Griffonya, where health of our breed is our first priority.

Welcome to the website of the
International Griffon Club Holland.

International Griffon Club Holland has the objective: the conservation and improvement of the Griffon Bruxellois, Griffon Belge and Petit Brabancon.
The reason is that the health of the Griffon gets too little attention, and we therefore run the risk that within a few years our breed will be in even bigger problems than it is already, and then it will be too difficult to repair all done damage.
We believe that we must do everything to ensure that our unique breed is not lost for health improvement.

How will we handle this?

* Through to put the health of the breed as first priority.
* By trying to give help and support breeders but also pet owners in cases of problems.
* By motivating breeders and owners, to participate in scientific studies.
* By keeping the breeding stock as broad as possible.
* By setting up and complying with the Club Breeding Regulations
(VFR mandatory for Dutch breeders).
* Through to recording health test results of parent dogs in an open database.
* By providing open and honest information to potential puppy buyers and Griffon owners.
* Through informing breeders and to give advise on whether hereditary defects.
* By advertising our well bred puppies on various media world wide.

The above list creates high financial cost.
Without your support, help and commitment as a lover of the Griffons we do not manage to get that price tag balanced.

We therefore kindly appeal to you, breeders and owners of our Griffons, to become a member of the I
nternational Griffon Club Holland and therefore your support, to give confidence and share your input, health tests results and ideas. After all, we can only make us strong together for our wonderful breed. Membership fee only 10 euros per year.

If you would like to get more information feel free to contact us.