Our little Griffon has, like many other breeds some serious health problems.
Some are not that hard to deal with, but others like CMSM and HD are not that easy to handle
In cases of inheritance problems, where multiple genes are involved, it is for the science difficult to find those genes that are responsible for the defect.
Chiari Malformation and Syringomyelia are still not fully understood. It needs scientists and breeders to work together for to find those genes. With Griffonya we will try to form a group of breeders World Wide that share the same ideas in breeding Griffons. Health is our first priority. This does not mean that we do not care about the type of Griffons, because that is also important. We are looking for a highly typical Griffon that is healthy too. Many breeders think that only ugly dogs can be healthy, but that is not true. As far as we know, there are as much non typical Griffons as with CMSM than lovely ones.

We at Griffonya want to show off our well bred Griffons to the world. We know that only the best combinations give a higher chance on healthy puppies than other combinations. We will also try to make together the best combinations to create these healthy litters.

We need to give each other support when we find a SM case in our dogs, nobody is to blame for it, no one in his or her right mind will breed one just for the fun of it. We know that the best combinations give the best chance of getting healthy puppies, so we need to be open about the results of our dogs. There is not one breeder in the world who can do this on his/her own.

We do not need to love each other, nor have to love the type of Griffons others prefer, but what we must have in common is a shared love for the breed and respect for each other, who want to do the best for the breed too.
Join in, for only 10 Euros a year, you will support the health of this unique breed.

Syringomyelia FAQ
Other health issues in Griffons.
Hereditary eye diseases
ECVO, Europe
BVA Eye scheme, UK
Animal Eye Service, USA
Australian Canine Eye Scheme Australie

Heart Diseases in Dogs
Patella Luxatie Patella Luxatie2
Legg Calve Perthes Disease
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